Krea AI enables realtime AI Image editing through 3D

I’ve just seen this video here and I felt like sharing it, because it’s … really really impressive! I have not played around with it myself.

AFAIK: This is the same guy that made the mixed animals in the recent SORA video. At least that’s how I found this channel :slight_smile:


I gave it a try, following Olivio Sarikas tutorial, and it’s got a lot of potential…but my goodness is it hard to gather all the requirements just to get ComfyUI and Krita to play nicely together…haven’t even got to the Blender part of the tutorial yet. If anyone feels inclined to try that workflow out, I can give lessons learned.

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It looks interesting and does seem promising, but this is very much in beta and not particularly user-friendly at the moment.
I am fairly certain that this tool might be a bit too niche for widespread success, especially from a commercial perspective.
Photographers would probably invest in new lenses rather than use this for rendering their photos.
Blender artists could use it when they’re short on ideas for what to render in the background, but how many and how often? And at what price?
Plus, private mode is not yet available.
Perhaps they should consider integrating with Daz Studio, which is much more focused on posing and rendering scenes.

Sure, a lot of products popping up these days will never set foot in the market. That’s just how it is right now. Something better is just around the corner. That’s probably a reason why they get published / shown in very early stages, so that the work put into it wasn’t for nothing. (Maybe even provides a bit of money)

The principle and speed behind it is astonishing though. We’re getting closer and closer to edit these images very close to our imagination, leaving the “prompt and cross your fingers” stages, moving over to the “I wasnt exactly this” bit. I’m hyped for that.

Someone somewhere somewhen will do this, faster, better, easier to use. Probably, possibly, even in a browser.


I agree =)

This video is 3 months old. Imagine what’s possible now :exploding_head:

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