A Few Future Ideas

just for fun but here are a few things and ideas I see popping up in the future.

  • AI-powered eSports/Motorsports (like F1 or NASCAR)/Real Sports (Humanoid Robots)

AI talent firms

  • I have a feeling that once generative AI can consistently create stable 3D models of specific characters, there will be AI personalities/influencers similar to how talent agencies work in real life. Once they feel human enough, why not have those characters go on podcasts, live streams, concerts, shows, etc., to spread their image? Plus, it can all be done simultaneously.

AI advertising

  • I think the examples of OpenAI’s Sora speak for themselves, but going a bit deeper, I think there’s potential for a business that does training of LoRA/patches for actual product data that the model doesn’t have knowledge of. If a company has a new product, this company would fine-tune/train a text-to-video model to include the new product.

Neuralink/BCI/Non-invasive BCIs especially

  • Cyberpunk/Deus Ex for real. I created a simple abstracted example of a Neuralink-like OS (GitHub - 401-Nick/NeuralOS); it takes text from a thought stream and converts it to interaction with an LLM, but I think the impact BCIs will have on humanity, for better or for worse, can’t be understood right now.

Robotics/Humanoid Robots

  • I think there will be companies that buy massive quantities of general purpose robotics and lease them out and there will be massive factories designed (or legacy factories overhauled) with robotics first principals in mind that will employ these leased robots for low-cost and low-risk.

  • I think these will have a slower adoption by the majority for human workflows mainly because of worker/employer apprehension and design differences. Not a lot of companies are going to spin up an entirely new fully automated facility if they only run manual ones, but the minority of businesses that take the risk will heavily out scale the manual workflows. Also, consider how a Tesla factory looks compared to an assembly line from the Model T. The means of production are not the same form factor, similar to how workflows we’re used to will be designed with robotics in mind first rather than the human experience.