XR and AI - The Hard and Soft Tech of the Future

I haven’t seen any posts about this yet!

If AI is the soft technology that will be the future, XR has to be the hard technology!

I would love to hear more about what everyone else is working on in this space.

Personally, I’m looking into XR, AI and medicine and currently researching the various applications in preventive medicine. I’ve found a lot of application in teaching and surgery so far. Check out https://medvr.io/

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Been talking about it some in the Using local LLMs to give life thread, and a bit in the Share your Dream AI-powered Solutions thread. Doesn’t hurt to start a dedicated thread about XR and AI specifically. Whatcha got cooking? You figure out how to use De-Panther’s WebXR Exporter along with VRTK, such that they are aligned to work both in Editor and on a server? I did that awhile back, and just haven’t moved much on that lately…been on an AI kick, haha. Like Sam Altman, I’ve laser focused on learning AI as much as possible, so that many other problems become trivial…but the XR is for sure where I want to take the AI concepts in practice.


I’m also waiting for the plug-and-play era, but I think we’re around the corner! AI is the cornerstone or the XR will come too slowly.

This isn’t me, but I want to be able to create this quickly: https://www.medicalisight.com/

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That is a very cool application. You have a GPU and a VR headset? I could tell you how to make something like that application and maybe even help make it, if you want.

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Cool! Yes, I haven’t touched anything yet but I was looking at getting Magic Leap 2 and the Clarius Ultrasound Scanner.

Which headset do you have? Check out the YouTuber FusedVR…he hasn’t posted in 10 months, but there were two good videos way back that showed you how to align VRTK and WebXR…some one else on YouTube, FireDragonGameStudio, took it a step further and made it more useful. I took it a step further than what he did, but I haven’t made anything with it quite yet. Going to combine VR and AI once I have enough ideas what to make…I’d be happy to help you