Electrician Apprentice to leverage AI

Just waking up at 3:46 am for my first day as an apprentice 6am start of day.

I have been wondering how I will be able to leverage AI into my new career as an apprentice to learn all I can about electric theory and pass my journeyman test. I start school August but I am not sitting in my laurels.

I guess my next step is to make a list of suggestions with chat got or grok once I can afford the x subscription but I noticed this post on YouTube so here I am. Excited for the future!

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Take notes in any lessons, record the questions you asked people and ask the AI system those same or similar questions. Also, perhaps ask multiple different AIs and compare the results, then talk with your teachers about what they think.

Good luck in your apprenticeship and remember that f-ing up is how we learn. If we don’t f-up, then we already know it. I wish you lots of happy learning!

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Create a custom GPT that’s a master electrician with “decades of experience and is an expert on the electrical code as well as best practices. And it desires nothing more than to teach you and pass on all it’s knowledge to you.” Have it make you flash cards and continue to update it’s knowledge based wth specifics as you learn them. That’s my suggestion.


Exactly. And you do that by subscribe to GPT plus. Take all your data and pdf’s you get from school and make your own vustom gpt. Or shearch for an already excisting one :slight_smile:


I love your enthusiasm!

My son has just submitted everything to start his apprenticeship as well!

Thank you Julia!

I love this, thanks!

Awesome! Good luck! Where are you guys located? I’m in Kentucky!