Post Your Suno AI Music in here!

Suno AI is producing incredible music. I’m kinda blown away.

Is anyone else playing around with it?
Here’s the site:

It was free this morning, but now they charge because too many people joined up.

If you anyone wants to share some music, post it here!

Here’s my vid on it:


Haha, I was just spending way to much time the other day on Suno, love to see you pick up on it!

This is what I got out of roughly 400 credits, lots of unusable generated stuff I deleted inbetwixed, still impressive what I was able to achieve!

Instrumental, really like this one:

A story that is very personal to me, written by me:

Remix of that one:

And an attempt on a sea shanty with a twist:


Yes it is awesome, the vocal dubs and song structure elements Suno was able to deliver in V2 would take a human years to master. I am saying this as someone who worked in music production. Though the general quality and coherence was low in V2, I am looking forward to trying V3.

Coupled with the ability to instantly find melodies and harmonies in any genre, it is super impressive.

I haven’t yet tried V3 yet, but I will after watching your video.

Let me share a silly song I made :grinning:

Pistachio Caramel Cream I am slipping it must be a dream.

I made several songs for my 20 month old grandson to boogey to. He loved them, especially the disco styled songs…I hope this doesn’t mean disco is making a comeback!!!

Every time I’ve gone to try this out, they’re experiencing elevated usage and it doesn’t work. Weak.

Hi there!

Could I ask you, Wes, to share the links to the music from the YouTube video? That R&B track was my favorite.


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I have been working with Suno for several months, and I have a Premier-level paid account because I needed both copyright ownership and a metric crapload of credits.

I’m a software architect professionally, so by writing a bunch of Python scripts to automate everything I could, generating a bunch of images with Midjourney, and many many hours of careful curation of Suno (both v2 and v3) music, I’ve been building the music playlist YouTube channel of my dreams:

I post a new playlist every single day, with well over an hour of original music. 100% of the music was generated by me using Suno, so I own all the copyrights. I add new tracks into the rotation very frequently, and my scripts select a random subset of tracks for each day’s playlist.

I listen to these playlists myself while I’m working, so I figured if nobody else ever gave a crap, I could at least enjoy them on my own.

Maybe some of you will enjoy them, too.

I don’t openly state that I’m using AI to generate the music, because I’m afraid of backlash, and I don’t want people to suddenly “not like” the music when they find out how it was made. I think that’s a sad state of affairs. Hopefully one day soon people like me can just be open about how we’re creating cool things for everybody to enjoy.


You might just be postponing your backlash. If someone finds out and shares it, this will make you look bad, just a thought.

I’m not judging you anyway, while I personally don’t like the style of your music (never grew fond of all the electric styles) I think you put a lot of effort and money into this, so you have my respect for that!

I know what you’re saying, but I’ve been very careful to avoid denying that I’m using AI for it, too. People have already shared it, and every now and then I’ll have a video that gets a lot more views, and nobody has ever made any harsh accusations. The overwhelming majority of comments are positive and supportive.

I did have one guy who said he deduced that it was AI, but nobody seemed to care, and I did not delete his comment. So…I dunno. Who knows what’ll happen?

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It nails the tempo shifts i asked for, as a musician with a decade of experience i say this is very impressive.

I really appreciate that it seems trained on a lot more electronic music that older like musenet and similar “audio diffusion” which was mostly rock music, when it does it right it does mixing not perfect but good too. Super impressed by it when you start using the remixing and turning off lyrics after having them on first. great project!

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It’s crazy easy to create fun songs using ChatGPT and Suno.

Here are a couple about the Singularity and AGI robots



Note: No fairies were harmed during the creation of this song.

Yes absolutely, this is my type of app.

I basically have no musical ability at all, but I do find myself very often making up lyrics on the go and singing made up songs when I’m alone and it’s quiet. I know crazy, hey??
Silly songs about whatever I’m doing or thinking, but some of them IMHO actually turn out pretty good, but they are quickly forgotten. Now, I am trying to remember to start a voice memo recording when I realise that I’ve started singing to myself .

I’ve also got REWIND on several computers in our house, which transcribes conversations we are having sometimes, if the computer is still on.
It’s funny and enlightening, to go back and see via the transcripts, just how awfully we behave sometimes, with love of course…

It’s also been funny to make songs out of certain controversial moments, using the transcripts, and then share them with the loved one/s involved.

Really enjoy your content too Wes, you’ve got a cool sense of humour and an authentic way of presenting that comes across as very genuine. I really enjoyed the music you created, I actually am finding that I enjoy music made in Suno more than most new music on Apple Music nowadays.


I also sometimes enjoy listening to this type of music while working. I like the look and feel of your YouTube channel. I wouldn’t mind if I haven’t known and then found out it was produced by AI.

In this current state human produced synthwave is superior in quality but over time I can see your channel growing.

You could release singles based on the data of which songs people gravitate towards. I saw people asking the names of tunes in your most popular video :smile: maybe those are good candidates. From what I know releasing singles is an important part of music promotion.

Good luck.

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I found an AI video of Sora quality seemingly leaked from Zalo AI Labs, that no one seems to be aware of:

There is a watermark that says “Zalo Duc Van Computer”.

A google search turns up Duc Chao, head of Zalo AI:

At 1:05-1:07 one of the boys sits back up on the whale and his leg moves unnaturally and too quickly to be real, that’s the main giveaway other than the overall unreal nature of the video.

This seems to be based off a real rescue that happened recently, but it was a small whale with no video and no mention of riding it.

No one in the comments seems to be aware. This could be an interesting topic in your YouTube channel if this is actually a leak. Is this a world first Sora quality AI video let loose in the wild?


I’ve been doing exclusively instrumental music, typically in the lofi / synthwave genre. I find that AI voices – at least on songs – is just a bridge too far. If the voice is a big part of it, I’m not comfortable with that being an AI voice. Maybe if it was connected to a more fleshed out personality, but just the voice… no. Also the AI created lyrics are really cringey, but you can supply your own lyrics (probably best luck getting them from ChatGPT or Claude)

Anyway here are a few instrumental lofi songs (or are they better described as “beats”?) I prompted and came out pretty good.

Damn this thing is scary good. These are probably the most impressive I’ve gotten in terms of just being musically sophisticated. Neither are the sort of genre I normally listen to — actually I don’t know if they fit in any genre – but I can’t stop listening to them. Good speakers or headphones recommended.

Whoa… I need to check this out

@jp3 thank you so much for this!

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@WesRoth too bad you removed the video you made about this. It would make a good point about not being able to be 100% sure about video’s you see. But yeah, the whale video was definitely real comparing consistency between both video fragments.

Is this confirmed authentic? What’s with the watermark from the AI researcher then? Is there an original source for the video found?

Sorry to speak off topic btw, I didn’t know how else to share this!