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I’m glad to have you here.

While we are still small, feel free to post in this thread, as more people join we will start utilizing more categories to keep conversations on track.

please comment below, tell us a bit about yourself and what you hope AI will do for you.


Hi, I own an ai start up company, we are working in ai internet sec, as well as point to point encrypted text based on ai’s. I hope to meet a few people and help out where I can. Saddly I have no as400s to give lol


As an early career backend programmer, I am looking forward to and currently take advantage of AI for the purposes of learning new technologies. Excited to see what the future holds :slight_smile:


WOW! that was well said :slight_smile:

I’ll start.

My name is Wes Roth, I run a YouTube Channel here:

I’m very optimistic about AI long term.

I hope to build something that is useful to people and ideally helps steer the overall course of AI in the right direction.

(in whatever small way I can)

PS: wow, some one beat me to first response :sweat_smile:


@Dragoon347 @Eric


welcome aboard!

You are, I believe member #1 and #2 of this forum lol.


Hello, Software developer that has moved to the Software Architect Role. Love thinking of how AI can help Software Architects. Will try ride the wave.


I am involved in several businesses that are waiting to gain footing with AI At first opportunity, however, it will be a bad landscape for many. I am eager to see what goes where with the pieces and parts, as they are thrown against the wall. We will see what sticks. I am not a optimist with it, people ate involved. We do know whay happens when they are correct. Hope for the best, plan fir the worst. All eventualities!!!


I am a retired programmer and project manager who spent the last 20 years managing development of precision agriculture systems to autonomously steer and control tractors, sprayers, combines etc
I’ve been playing with generative AI for the last 12 months and very interested to see where it leads. Can’t wait to buy an Optimus bot :grinning:


Thanks Wes for creating this forum! I have Llama-2 70b on my Macbook Pro Max3 128GB/4GB and ready push it to the max, pun intended. Working on novel solutions on the intersection of AI & Quantum Computing, and my local LLM is just the start. Will be adding agents to create virual teams to expedite my progress.


Salesforce Developer looking to do more integration work with AI. Taking it all in.


With Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) on the horizon, let’s dive into the deep end and discuss the huge shifts it’s bound to bring. AGI isn’t just about changing our jobs; it’s about reshaping our whole world. I’ve put together some questions to get us thinking and talking about what AGI could mean for us all. Keen to hear your thoughts and guesses as we navigate this uncharted territory together.

  1. What job roles might become obsolete with AGI’s rise, and which sectors are likely to see the most disruption?

  2. In a world powered by AGI, what new career opportunities could emerge that we should start preparing for now?

  3. How can individuals in tech and non-tech fields alike upskill to remain valuable in an AGI-dominated job market?

  4. What entrepreneurial opportunities could AGI create, and how can aspiring entrepreneurs position themselves to capitalize on these?

  5. How should businesses adapt their strategies to thrive in an economy influenced by AGI technologies?

  6. What role will human creativity and emotional intelligence play in the job market, and how can we cultivate these skills to complement AGI?

  7. Considering the potential for AGI to automate complex tasks, what types of jobs are likely to remain in high demand for human workers?

  8. How might the education system need to evolve to prepare future generations for living and working alongside AGI?

  9. In what ways can individuals and companies invest in AGI technology to ensure a profitable future?

  10. Finally, what personal and professional mindsets will be crucial for success in an AGI-driven world, and how can we develop these?


I feel that as a scifi buff and technologist sine I was a child, this is the first 4th time in my life I have seen the a technology that changes the planet. Home PC, Cell Phones, the birth of the Internet, now accessible AI.

Each of them building on top of the next. It has brought both utter stupidity and absolutely shocking genius at same time. It’s pretty exciting.

It’s a tool that must be handled with respect and ethically for human survivability sake. As with all tools ML will bring even higher levels of both. In the end it will be beneficial more than a threat.

Anyway ,that’s my view. One thing is for sure , this will be the craziest era I’ve ever seen.

Also want to say Wes, you out very thoughtful content on your YT.



I will be mostly lurking but I’m already shocked and stunned at how many people are here.
I’m in aus.


Hello, I am about to complete my bachelor’s degree in game design. I am also starting a game development company.
In regard to AI, I am just waiting for it to take everyone’s job so I can live on a beach and soak in the UBI.


Also came to be shocked and stunned


Hi there, I’m a semi-retired tech founder. My software company is 25 years old, employs 160 people in New Zealand and I’m in the process of exiting.

I studied AI at university back in 1998, and my company recently began using machine learning in our audio software products.

I’m quite optimistic about the future of AI, though I’m concerned with the transition period under capitalism. It’s not clear how well we can transition as a species to a post employment world when half the planet seems to be terrified of socialism.


Hi :wave:

I have a general interest in pretty much all things Ai. The amount of info amd the rate of improvements are hard to keep up with, but I’m trying.

I’m interested the impact/outcomes of this new technology and hope to stay as relevant as possible for as long as possible.


I am a Python developer in Bangalore, India working on integrating Gen AI capabilities into our company’s existing applications, and also building some new apps. :blush:

Been a follower of Wes’ channel for months now, I start each day now watching his and David Shapiro’s channel.


Ask not what AI can do for you! Ask what YOU can do for AI. :robot:

Happy to be here Wes. I am a big fan of your sense of humour and your ability to use a cursor. No one underlines sentences better than you. I enjoy giving you a hard time but you are truly a valued YouTube treasure. :pray:

I’m also a fan of AI. I got hooked one year ago today, after spending the winter in the heart of the Amazon jungle. It’s been nonstop AI and I’m still as excited about it as ever. I might be addicted?

Let’s Grok and roll! :metal:


Advancements in tech, especially world changes always brings out both the best and the worst behaviors. Some of which we are still grasping with now. Generally, fears, greed and selfishness take hold first, then consolidation of power. Long term, it’s beneficial to our long term survival as a species.

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