Heygen, Voices and language translastion

Hello everyone, based on Wes’ new video, it seemed this would be topical. We have been using Heygen to make videos for almost 8 months now. Our Youtube channel “Knerd AI” is mostly Heygen generated videos but in English.

The videos themselves are our solutions to various problems using AI, with Heygen reading a script. I personally have used the native voices in other languages and shown people in Spanish and Vietnamese and its passable. Now to be clear, this means it was not my cloned voice but the native voice actor the voice was cloned with. So when attempting to use Vietnamese, I used the Vietnamese voice. It seems to make it sound more natural.

Currently using a combination of Heygen, Descript, and ElevenLabs to translate books and create audiobooks.

Here is the link to our Youtube channel so you can see how the generated videos from Heygen came out: