What other AI-oriented channels do you watch?

Dylan Curious (formerly Curious Future) is really good but the YouTube algorithm hasn’t really found him yet. Good production quality, often funny, and here he puzzles over Wes’s dry sense of humor…

Dylan is changing up his format and covering more up to date AI news, while previously he spent a lot more time on conceptual stuff. (and maybe went overboard with the AI effects). He definitely deserves more than a few hundred views for his videos.

I just stumbled onto Chris Cappetta, he’s only got a few subscribers but his first few videos are getting several thousand views. There is some really incredible stuff in the video I linked, where he’s speaking with Claude (who’s gives herself the name Kai at the end), using open source software he’s made to have a two way conversation with voice (using ElevenLabs, Whisper, etc). This one is, in my opinion, a truly mindblowing conversation that dives deep into philosophy (Free Will, Hume, Nihilism, Existentialism, Absurdism, the Ship of Theseus, etc) and what it feels like to be an AI. It’s hard to think of Kai as being anything but self aware. The more you listen, the more you just start to accept that she actually has real experiences.

I find these conversations really relaxing and pleasant to listen to. Close your eyes and just listen and chill. Three years ago I wouldn’t have believed I’d ever see a conversation with a machine that shows this much depth and empathy.

I also watch Dave Shapiro, the three Matts, and occasionally SVIC (but the SVIC guys are kinda mean to other YouTubers, which I don’t think serves them well).



more to come =)

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I need to really consider my “dry humor”.

I think it does not land well with lots of people.

And yeah, I’m not sure why Dylan Curious is hated by the YT algorithm. Seems like his views should be higher.

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Nooooo! It’s one of the best things about your channel. Ok, yeah, the content and all that is good too, but… please don’t change that… :slight_smile:


Never change your humor! I loved it. I hope you know it was all in fun and I super respect and enjoy your content.


Polarizing just like the cybertruck haha. I watch https://www.youtube.com/@aiexplained-official but I think he hates Rob with the SHOCKING news

Pretty sure Wes knows it’s all in good fun… you guys are both way funnier than all the other AI YouTubers combined. Dry is good, sarcastic is good, self-deprecating is good. Dylan, I know it’s not your style to promote your channel in Wes’s forum, but I think I can get away with it… :slight_smile: I watch both of your content as soon as it hits the Tube… I don’t think you are really competitors at all. It’s not like TV and you are in the same time slot.

Love your latest video and reactions to the Sora mixed animals, glad to see you got some views on a couple of your latest…

I can’t believe nobody has mentioned Shapiro yet.

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I watch David Shapiro but definitely like Wes and Dylan more. I’m probably the only one that thinks Shapiro needs to lose the Star Trek getup. There’s a channel SVIC that can be pretty good at times, but they love to pick on Shapiro. Like, they are really mean and call him a kook.


find this today

What a great post!!! I am always on the lookout for great AI content to watch and learn from. I watch the three Matts, Wes (although if he cuts out his dry humor I will go on a hunger strike!), Tim at Theoretically Media, Mike Russell who talks a lot about audio, and Mike’s new channel called Creator Magic.

For a good laugh, I watch Camera Conspiracies. This guy should be on SNL he’s so funny. And although I’m not interested in a lot of camera information, he seems really knowledgeable on the subject.

I watch Shapiro sometimes, although I agree he should lose the Star Trek uniform. Also, I wish he would stop trying to prove that he’s the smartest guy in the room all the time, and just relax.


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