Jon Stewart on AI

Anyone catch this?

(AI parts starts about 3 minutes in)

I find Jon Stewart brilliant – I know, I know, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea – but don’t necessarily agree that people losing their jobs due to AI is necessarily such a bad thing, at least as long as we still keep our quality of life. I mean, almost every new technology replaces jobs. (there used to be switchboard operators, elevator operators, lots of secretaries and farmers…)

I think he has it about right with this: “At least those other disruptions happened over a century, or decades. AI’s gonna be ready to take over by… Thursday” (13:30)

Zuck using AI to make toast (at 5:30) is, umm… hilarious. He’s such a dork. “Why don’t you get to work on curing the diseases and climate change, and we’ll hold down the fort on toast.”

Interested in hearing others’ takes on the segment…


He is funny and right most of the time and probably just came back for torment trump =P

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@WesRoth please watch this from minute 3 , its a comedian view on the AI development and the negative expection of its effects. I think it hits your humor too.
Honestly im expecting exactly what he expresses in the video, i think there will be huge potential for uproar and chaos it will generate if huge layoffs come before we find a solution for its effects and honestly the current legislation worldwide have already huge issues catching up with tech and roaring inflation, i dont think we will be anywhere ready to cope with the ai effects.

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