Are You Making Money With AI?

I want to ask is there anyone out there successfully making money in some way in the generative AI space? Whether it be through leveraging it, through software you built, through making content about it, through ai art or any other way. Please share your experience!

I personally have made a little bit of pocket money about $70 in total in the span of several months by making prompts for Mostly by selling website building related prompts. My promptbase profile is:

I am also aspiring to make money in the AI space through building software SAAS products.

Perhaps you can inspire others. And as a community we can think tank and bounce ethical AI money making methods off each other and even improve upon existing techniques, ideas, or technologies.

Imagine someone seeing this thread and in the future being able to say “AI got me out of poverty”


This is great! I’m glad someone is talking about it. I haven’t heard of prompt base and probably won’t use it myself just yet. But it’s in my rolodex for future, so thank you for that.

As far as I’m aware, the “easiest” way to make income from generative AI is to talk about it on YouTube or have a personal website.

Making a SaaS seems complex to me at this point since I have no coding experience or even website design experience :joy::joy: I wouldn’t even know what people would want in terms of software besides for help with office type work :thinking:.

That’s just my two cents, I’m looking forward to more money making ideas with generative AI that’s “easy”.


Hey J.AI I am also super interested in how one might actually begin to use AI to augment or replace someone’s main income stream. I have a micro SaaS idea I have been working on for a specific job type. Keeping my eyes peeled for opportunities.


AI has the potential to get people out of poverty.

The main problem for me is being able to settle down and focus on one workflow. I’m constantly being distracted by those pesky AI squirrels and Wes Roth, where ever he is… since being replaced by a bot, isn’t helping me to focus on anything practical anymore.

Feels like someone put the brakes on him??

In any case… there is money in them AI hills. I just know it. Can feel it in my bones.


I need to find a thread where to put ideas in cause i have too many ideas and i would love to work some out with people. Certainly my wife and two year old daughter have heard enough.