Will web browsers and search engines still be used?

as llm grows more popular and get thier own apps to to anything ?

its not like chatbots wont be able to add thier own shopping option , book directly in chatbots

like in bard they added extensions which can see flight details, one step to add booking to it.

google and bing already added ai at the top, so people wont even bother scrolling down tho?

I see what you’re getting at, very interesting thought. Do I understand correctly:

Assuming we’ll move over from traditional use of browsers and possibly devices, we do not rely on browsing the web but leave it to AI, which in turn would make it rather pointless for many content creators to even keep working on a web presence?

I see how this could intertwine with one of Wes’ videos about the Internet turning into a dark forest of replicated information where real people start disappearing. Huh, fascinating.

Maybe we will come up with new ways of offering content, e.g. move away from websites and rather RSS Feeds that AIs can crawl?

I obviously don’t have an answer to what’s going to happen but this sure stirs up a lot of questions. As far as search engines go; I have already started replacing google with perplexity, although if I want to just have a quick answer, I’ll fall back to old fashioned searching myself. It’s just quicker (today) but that might change. Maybe google will adapt. Hard to predict but I’m certain things will change.

If we look at a website, it’s USUALLY just an interactive document. These can easily be replaced if the information is deployed in a more standardized way. What we will likely keep, if only for the short term, are web apps. That’s my guess for the foreseeable future anyway.

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I feel like you’re addressing me, but I was not responding to you, just sharing my thoughts to the original post.

If you’re addressing me: I don’t think I suggested anyone should give up on anything :confused:

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