When will AI replace CEOs, politicians and dictators?

When people talk about jobs being replaced by AI, I always think about the top jobs from Elon Musk Tim Cook, J Biden and Xi’s jobs. Will AI say one day that AI don’t need them anymore?

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When people start abusing it to deepfake official statements, infiltrate systems to topple them through ways they find. Deception being the key ingredient here.

If you hook a classic botnet to an AI, that on itself becomes rather scary if you ask me, even if the bots just act as senders. E.g. bombarding people with falsified data that is difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

If we can’t trust information to be true, what is left to do other than making up your own mind?

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I taught high school level robotics 10+ years ago, and in one class we got into a discussion about what jobs robots and AI would eventually all be able to replace. As the class was drawing to a close, I commented that, should we let them, pretty much every job will eventually be able to be taken over by robots and AI, but it would be the highest end lawyers and politicians that would be the last to go because they would make and interpret the laws to protect their own jobs much more ardently than any other jobs. I advised everyone in the class that the best thing they could do was to be very nimble throughout their careers, and constantly learning new skills, even when their job didn’t require it so that when the inevitable happened to them, they’d be able to find work somewhere else.

Of course, I might be wrong. One other thing I mentioned was I thought that artists would be one of the later careers to get replaced. There’s definitely a similarity to all the art MidJourney, et al produce, analogous perhaps to the style a specific painter might have, but it surprised me not just how good it got, but that this was one of the earlier tasks that AI seemed to get good at, rather than something that would happen much later. There’s obviously still a ton of room for human artists, and their work will likely be valued much higher than anything an AI produces. At least for the time being!

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That was my first thought! :joy:

People don’t like to give up power.

They won’t ever officially take over. They aren’t primates. They aren’t driven by the same passions humans are. Being crowned ‘Emperor of Earth’ would mean absolutely nothing to an AI. All those guys you mentioned and others like them would remain in the public eye, even though they’d just be following orders, like everyone else.