Using AI to automate sales and business (outreach, nurture, hyper-personalization, support, etc)

Hey all,

I’m in the process of starting my own business. My background is in sales and I figured I’d try my hand in the SMMA/SWAS space for SMBs. Obvs the competition is stiff (lead gen is basically commoditized) but I’m seeking ways to automate sales funnels, lead nurture, support, etc with as much autonomous AI as possible.

Curious to hear what anyone else is doing/tools you’re building or using in this space, or any other sales/entrepreneurial applications.


I have and continue to automate the various processes that you mentioned.

I am currently developing a Time Series solution on CUDA/Jetson that will be influenced by Bayesian analysis to suggest the ‘best’ times to initiate the activities. I suspect I can then develop a model to look at other markets and similar factors to develop meaningful content for the target population based on developing the avatars of the most desired customers. For example, the 2008 housing crisis was a time for personal empathy and a less good time to run prosperity campaigns for anyone other than that population identified by prior testing.

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I’ve been in the process of launching a shopify site for a few months and learning AI. The bullseye is AI agents as per Wes’s Swarms. Time will tell if I can scale anything to make it worthwhile but I am (mostly) having fun learning.

Happy to compare notes and share! I like being a soloprenuer but that doesn’t mean I can do/learn everything on my own. I am admittedly very late to this party, especially by Wes Roth timelines but we can probably agree that Wes is a visionary and ahead of his time.


Charlie, I have seen that many who come later excel. I think two years ago, it would have been hard to make progress without far more knowledge and hardware.

I look forward to seeing whatever you cook up. I am open to discussions along these lines for us all.