Universal Basic Income (UBI)

It’s been trialed in a few places and that’s good, but I wonder how much the results accurately reflect what would be going on in society if nobody had a job. The effect of UBI would necessarily be positive, because the alternative would obviously be mass starvation, with people dropping dead in the streets. The problems that arise would have nothing to do with UBI but with the fact that millions and eventually billions of people are sitting around with nothing to do. I think we’re all well aware at this point that there are endless legions and legions of mindblowingly stupid and easily manipulated people out there. With nothing but time on their hands to listen to demagogues, what will they start doing to entertain themselves? I shudder to think of it.


Great thread people!

I think it’s a topic that becomes overwhelming pretty quickly for a lot of people, including myself. I just wanted to add a bit of optimism to the discussion, from what little I understand.
The development of AGI and full autonomy will happen quickly on a historical scale, but not instantly. I suspect there will a rapid adoption by large corporations and a slower one for small businesses. It’s also safe to say there’s gonna be a lot of jobs that need both AGI and advanced robotics to be replaced, of which I think will take a bit longer. There will be jobs that may never get replaced purely because we prefer humans doing them (ie teachers, nurses, dog walkers, waiters). There will also be some new jobs popping up with the technology.
My point is just that we’ll have time for widespread and productive discourse, political debate, and election cycles where AI is a deciding factor before we get to violent levels of unrest/unemployment. At least that’s my hope, but the fact that forums like these and AI content creators exist is a good sign to me.
As for how we solve the problem of wealth (re)distribution and maintenance of individual agency in the market, I don’t know. However there’s lots of smart people working on it, and plenty of places to learn about such solutions. My guess is that we’ll take somewhat of an iterative approach, implementing more and income and/or services for an unemployed class as jobs are gradually replaced.

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