TUNNEL CULT [Lets dig for the next millennium]

Assuming that ASI does not repurpose our carbon for more efficient uses, I propose the establishment of a group and the purchase of land in a stable high plains/steppe region.

The intended function is to provide purpose in a world where it’s still very hard to go to space en masse, and we end up staring down the barrels of infinity due to augmented immune systems and drastically lengthened health spans.

If universal income policies are established, and human labor has a negative value compared to a machine owned and operated production line, a group of 20 - 100 people could reasonably establish a digging site and headquarters, and plan the upper levels of a tunneling project that could run into the centuries or millennia in scope.

The Tunnel Cult provides purpose, meaning, and a schedule to people who may find it difficult to adapt to a new and alien lifestyle.

At this stage the timelines for AGI and ASI have shifted drastically from historic expectations, bringing these questions of meaning to the forefront much faster than expected.

This thread itself is for discussion of the very idea of a Tunnel Cult, and considerations on what a constitution for such a group could look like.



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A constitution should be drafted, which would go into effect for signees when their country of residence establishes a UBI policy with value above a certain threshold.

At this point we can begin accumulation of money or the equivalent, to commit the land purchase and any required surface construction.

Once a basic plan is established, we could break ground.

It’s cool to see the LLM response, but I was more curious on your personal take.

Is this some nonsense to be laughed off, or a reasonable idea given the basic assumptions?

The OP is quite good at the future. An excellent bit of prose but I just can’t jump into it yet. Really provocative though. Well done.

far out.
I’ll catch-up w/ you after I have an essential personal assistant running at next-to-no-cost. Still working on langchain + docs + voice assistant + OS Co-Pilot.

I’d open a shovel shop next door, but an AI would probably undercut me…

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