Trading the stock market with AI

One of my friends had mentioned something like that, tracking the investments of high profile people in the government.

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I knew I had it somewhere, so in reference to when you mention the big boys, here is a research paper dealing with the various ways you could approach credit risk assessment.

This is not financial advice by any means, just thought it would be fun to put what I’m currently doing.

Bought 165 Tesla call options for next friday after that disappointing deliveries number.

Recommended watch, very interesting:

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I love Veritasium! This video goes well with the book I mentioned earlier about Jim Simons “The Man Who Solved the Market”

Derivatives are swayed so much by how the markets are structured now, that is the only reason I am able to do the crazy things I have done actually.

I usually don’t use technical analysis, other than (sometimes) for entry points, because I don’t trade much. I’m a buy and hold investor, so short term market movements don’t influence my investing strategy. I’d like to be able to automate the process of selecting a stock based on sector, financials, forward looking statements and independent ratings. It would save me untold hours of constructing and analyzing stock spreadsheets and finding and analyzing quarterly statements.


Do you look up the analyst reports and 10Ks/Qs?

And would you like the report to be structured like this:

Original report
(Easy to read summary and translation)

or simply just the easy to read summaries about what is going on and the potential impact on the price?

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Yes! to

And Yes to

With a link to the original, in case I want a deeper dive.
That would be truly awesome!

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Awesome this is really helping. So this is a breakdown of Lumen Technologies 2022 10K. A hedge fund was asking about projections and health of the company, so along with market analysis, I dove into the 10k to see what else was there.

The ticker is LUMN

Here is a onedrive link since I cannot attach the pdf:

here is the 10k from their website itself:

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Here is a demo of the concept of having a bot trade on ThinkorSwim.

The values are hardcoded at the moment as we were testing to make sure we could navigate the platform.

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One potential problem with this is that, with AI essentially running corporations, trading, and every other aspect of the financial sector and the economy in general, the stock market would become completely divorced from reality and totally meaningless because it would just be an AI playground. An ultimate incestuous form of ‘insider trading’ that nobody ever previously conceived of.

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Can you explain this? Seems like the AI would be trying to buy the stocks that were expected to go up, and sell when it is expected they’d go down, just as a human would. The biggest difference is that the AI would likely be better at it. If so, that’s not divorced from reality at all, it’s actually more in touch with reality.

Is there something I’m missing?

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Rob you are right. Most institutions have some kind of algos doing trading.

Actually its not even a new thing. The algos were the cause of the Aug 24 2015 flash crash.

I remember seeing it live and thought it was insane. The DOW futures were down 500 then 700 then 1200 points overnight with no news or catalyst.

When the market opened it wasn’t just the futures. Stocks even staple ones like KO (Coca Cola) were down almost 10% at the open and no one could understand why. Then 30 min later it was like it never happened. All the prices recovered.


Update on those 165 tesla calls for next Friday

Sold my tesla calls for a 50% profit and bought 520 META puts for next Friday

Yes. When in the not too distant future the entire economy at every level is being managed and controlled by AGI, and it’s just AGIs talking to AGIs, how much transparency and understanding will be afforded to human investors about what is being done with their money, and why, and how?

Market was moving really quickly so I couldn’t get a pic before I sold it but took 70% profit on those META puts and bought SPY 515 calls for next Friday

Still not seeing the issue. If the AIs are making money for the people that own them, great. That’s what they are supposed to do. If not, they get ditched for an AI that makes them money.

Ultimately a person is controlling the AI. Maybe they don’t understand it fully, but if they are able to tell it to 1) make money and 2) invest in companies that meet their criteria on other issues (say they want to invest in sustainable energy and not fossil fuels), either the AI is able to do it, and explain what they are doing sufficiently, or a different AI is chosen to do the job because this one is failing.

but all those Ai /agi can provoke devaluation the market ?
could they be hack and or corrupted ? would they test run simulation it before give them the lead ?
if we loose the value of the human work it would be more, difficult to evaluate market realistically ?

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So, everybody is making money? Nobody is losing money?

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