The Dark Forest Internet - AI overrunning Internet scenario

Saw this on Kyle Hill’s channel - absolutely terrifying to think about.

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I got the vibe that this is too negative a vision,but scary i give you that…
*However, I think it is also time to raise the question about anonymity by having a virtual unique identity card.
It might resolve two problems: people who hide out for hate and all those virtual AIs that will proliferate.

Perhaps the internet will become a right in the future?
A thing that can be lost if abused… In other hands , if we are all jobless we might have lot of time for figure solutions =)
I don’t know; I’m just throwing my thoughts out there.

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@13:40 or so:

No language model will be able to keep up with the pace of weird internet lingo and memes

Using… jargon, euphemistic emoji, unusual phrases, ingroup dialects, and memes-of-the-moment will help signal your humanity.

While this might be true in communities that AI is completely kept out of, I think the opposite will be actually happen in general - humans won’t be able to keep up. First, if you can have thousands of bots to influence anything else, it’ll also be trivial to have thousands of bots to come up with new internet memes, so eventually there will be more new memes created by bots than humans. For example, if you can get an LLM to explain special relativity to you in iambic pentameter, how different is it to have one look for some new cultural event and find a way to express it in a meme - and then pass that meme to thousands of bots to start using it.

And second, it’s easier for bots scraping the web to discover the memes in the first place. That’s assuming they’ve got access to the forums where humans interact.

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