Snowflake and Reka Partner to Integrate Multimodal LLMs into Data Cloud, Enhancing AI Capabilities for Enterprises

Snowflake collaborates with Reka, leveraging multimodal large language models (LLMs) in its Data Cloud. The partnership aims to empower enterprises to build generative AI applications capable of processing text, images, and videos. Reka’s models, Flash and Core, enhance Snowflake Cortex, offering advanced AI capabilities for diverse business use cases. Flash, optimized for performance, and Core, approaching GPT-4 levels, expand Cortex’s AI toolkit.

With over 400 enterprises already utilizing Cortex, the addition of Reka’s models underscores Snowflake’s commitment to democratizing AI and accelerating business value. Further AI innovations are anticipated, aligning with Snowflake’s vision to integrate AI seamlessly into data workflows.