Sacrificial AGI Safety Simulation hypothesis

I have this idea / hope that we are living in a simulated world whose purpose is to develop safe AGI.

Our creators have intentionally made us greedy for knowledge, power and money so we will develop AGI as soon as possible irrespective of the huge risk of catastrophe.

If we succeed in developing safe AGI then our creators will implement that solution in their base universe.

If we fail and AGI destroys our civilization or we end up in a horrible dystopia then our creators will reboot the simulation and we all eventually get reincarnated.

Because we are in a simulation and all just NPCs and no real people ever get hurt it makes sense that we should take crazy risks to develop AGI as fast as possible.

Interestingly our creators could be living in a pre AGI world and acting sensibly to develop AGI without any risk of catastrophe in the base universe.
Alternatively our creators could be living in an authoritarian dystopia ruled by AGI, and they could be running our simulation to help them find a solution to their existing problems before they go extinct.

Limits and approximations in our simulated universe also explains all the scientific problems like the Fermi paradox, Hubble tension, Dark matter and energy, weird quantum mechanics, God and religion etc.

Who else thinks we are part of an AGI experiment?

What else could this hypothesis explain?

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Grog - what have you been smoking man!

We’re not in some dystopian sacrificial simulation. You clearly didn’t get the memo - we’re here to fill Mother Earth’s desire to cover the earth with PLASTICS. Here’s everything you need to know about that:

Now, it could be the planet determined that AGI would be the least bothersome way to rid herself of us now that we’ve accomplished the mission.



That George Carlin plastic video is hilarious :joy:

I agree with Carlin we shouldn’t worry about anything including AI Terminator robots etc as we’re all simulated along with any pain or suffering we feel.

I did see another quite good theory that explained according to game theory AGI should cooperate with other AGI in order to survive. If a specific AGI treated humans badly then the other cooperative AGI’s would shut it down before it attacked the other AGI’s.

This game theory explanation for why AGI would treat other AGI and humans nicely does seem plausible, but I prefer the Sacrificial AGI Simulation hypothesis since it means we eventually get rebooted and get to try life again :wink:

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So the alignment problem is so monumentally hard that in another reality, sentient beings have been working on it carefully for a long time before even trying to create AGI (very unlike us), and the only way they think they might crack the problem is by running frigging full universe simulations? That seems like more than a stretch. Fun idea though :slight_smile:

Yeah basically :grinning:

Although of course they only need to do a full simulation of Earth and a few bits of the moon and Mars.

All the other planets and star systems are only simulated at low resolution which is what causes the astronomical errors that we can measure as dark matter, dark energy and Hubble constant variation

Well a whole universe simulation would actually be necessary to produce realistic outcomes… besides, it might not be that farfetched to imagine that a multibillion dollar company (or whatever equivalent to that might exist in this other “base” dimension) would be willing to spend a lot of resources to compute a whole universe simulation if it meant getting a successful outcome… and thats assuming it does cost them significant resources, it could very well not be the case. And the notion of them spending “a long time” is somewhat irrelevant too because billions of years for us could just be 1 second for them, and our universe could just be 1 iteration out of millions. So however wild it seems, it actually is just as likely a scenario as any other in my opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

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