Restriction applies to bot tutorial (and messages in general)

I’ve recently started participating more actively here, and just when I tried to complete the tutorial, I was informed I need to wait 6 hours before I can reply again. Currently, I can only initiate new messages with the bot, which doesn’t help me progress through the tutorial.

Would it be possible to increase the reply limit for messages? The current restriction feels a bit too constraining.

Also, I’ve got unanswered questions from someone in my messages, and I’m stuck because I can’t respond until the wait time is up. It’s a bit strange. Even when the wait time is over, they might be offline, which seems to unnecessarily delay conversations. I understand this might be part of the testing phase, but for testing to be effective, shouldn’t there be a bit more flexibility? From what I’ve seen of upcoming “levelups,” I’m not sure I can stay engaged with the platform if things don’t change. I’ve reached trust level 1, which I thought would lift some restrictions, but it seems like it didn’t. Although I assume this could be a bug?

Thank you for a response!

[This post has been refined by AI, with its original thoughts and ideas provided by me]

EDIT: Oww, I have just seen that the message is only addressing the very first day, of course my message is not justified if that’s the case - apologies! However, I’ll leave my comments as they are, since this misunderstanding could arise again in the future. Maybe a slight adjustment can prevent other people from addressing this as well! :smiley: SORRY!