New Forum SHOCKS the whole industry!

Or does it? I am not sure anymore!


I’m just STUNNED!

Jokes aside, we all probably know why Wes uses those tags. It’s become sort of a meme between those that watch. Almost like saying “Primus Sucks!”

Glad to be part of the community, seeing all the vids that come out, and now a forum for us to gather and share ideas. It’s great being able to say we’re some of the early adopters to a tech that has the capability to change the landscape of humanity as we know it.


haha! I just HAD to click on that title!

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I am Shocked, Stunned, Stupefied, Surprised, Startled, Staggered, Shaken, Shattered, Struck, Shell-shocked, Speechless, Scandalized, Stunned speechless, Shocked to the core…but ready for it all​:sunglasses::mechanical_arm: