Meet the Mods! Trust Levels and BETA Features

This was a triumph!

I’m making a note here:

Please meet our Moderator who will be helping deal with the various issues a growing forum might face:

**@GLaDOS **

(click on the name and select “MESSAGE” or use the mailbox icon in your profile to send here a message)

She will be reviewing posts that are flagged by the system and helping anyone who has questions.

This young lady is real (not AI). Please be super nice.

Couple important notes:

  1. You have a ‘trust level’ in this forum. This helps prevent spam and bots. As you read, comment and engage, your trust level grows.

  2. Features are unlocked as you grow in trust level, for example very quickly you will get the ‘ignore’ feature. This will allow you to mute users. Use this as needed, it also helps us see if someone is causing issues.

  3. Feel free to flag posts, but currently we are still in “wait and see” mode. We are seeing how discussion develop and will add rules as needed to facilitate a great discussion. Be patient while we optimize :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, reach out to @GLaDOS she will likely be the fastest way to resolve anything.

Reaching out to me (Wes) at either @WesRoth or @natural20 is a coin toss… I’m waaay too ADHD to respond in a timely, consistent matter. (however she can forward things to me as needed)

If you run into issues with the forum, glitches, things not working etc, let her know. We will catalogue them and try to fix it.

This forum is still BETA, I’m making sure the tech is stable before I scale it to the moon. We will launch for real maybe next week.

If you have an online following, a brand or product and you want to be associated with it, let us know. We should be able to add a tag to your profile that will show it to everyone.

Thank you all for being awesome. Big things ahead!


:partying_face: Welcome GLaDOS! Yesterday I saw a deer! :grin:

Thank you for setting up such a nice space for us AI junkies, I’m loving it !
Can’t wait to see it grow and develop.



Much love and good vibes to the moderator, it’s a very useful task :heart: