Is A.I a manufactured scapegoat?

Is AI comparable to the coke bottle in the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy? AI, it seems, creates dissenting opinions amongst people, polls of human interest, enormous wealth for some, huge energy expenditures, monumental human labor, strategic advantages, etc. However, when AI is applied to tangible infrastructure, such as sewer systems being outdated & at maximum capacities in New York that prevent new construction, AI appears to be less focused. This thought process, in & of itself, creates the scapegoating as if AI is the reason & at fault (which arguably if the same amount of time spent on AI were spent focused on necessity & solving real world deficiencies that truly humans are capable of solving & know intuitively how to solve, civilizations may have problems of abundance vs. problems of lacking necessities.)

Hm, I think I get what your argument is. I don’t think it’s directly comparable.

If we develop AI it will inevitably (and already does so) speed up our own development. That’s not the same thing as an object that has its uses and creates a distraction in my opinion.

However there’s a fair point within this:
If we prioritize this higher due to the expectation, that it will help us resolve other issues faster and it does not come through like expected, we will have neglected pressing issues and thus have to face the consequences that might have arisen from them, at that point.

So I wanna say generally no under the assumption that AI will have it’s expected merrit, but yes if that falls flat?

Very clever approach! I like the comparison!

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