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Hello folks,

Just today I was having a little chat with the nice people over at brilliantlabs about a possible integration of AI into their new glasses (Frame) that I preordered.

I did so, specifically to help me with everyday problems like reading the room. (If it helps, I’m authistic, I struggle with reading emotions) but of course because I’m an immature nerd that wants to get his hands on a new toy JUST AS WELL.

I asked about my goal, they referred me to, an AI that is, in real time, analyzing the emotional state someone is in based on what that person is saying and the tone of their voice, which could be implemented into these glasses to continuously monitor the people around me, providing me with feedback if I’m upsetting someone - before it’s “to late”.

Here I was thinking of ways to take pictures and have them sent to an LLM to analyze the emotion, I would have never thought about the voice itself and the subtle queues it provides. See for yourself!

I’m just exponentially more excited to get to fiddling with this, once it arrives!
(Not exactly sure where to put this post so I went with Hardware

What do you think about this? I know emotions and AI is a pretty controversial topic.

Exhibit one:


Emotions are important to humans, so as long as humans are around, AI will emulate emotion.

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it could have some kind of infrared =)
most emotion impact the visage temperature.