How do you brainstrom using LLMs?

LLMs are a great tool, but I am having some trouble while brainstorming new Ideas. How y’all use LLMs to generate new Ideas?

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I wanna say the idea never comes from the LLM, it just sparks them. I’ll refer to the ruber duck method: If you are facing a problem, sometimes it helps to explain the problem in detail to a rubber duck, and you will find a solution just through explaining the problem.

It’s not exactly the same but similar. When I talk to an AI I not only start having different ideas or developing one, I also get feedback that provides the same.

It’s the exchange that fosters ideas, I would never expect an LLM to come up with their own ideas, even if that might happen. That’s how I see it, that’s how it works for me, anyway! Hope this helps

for me through conversation it has been in relation to a character i’m developing for a story and for my brand and when conversing with the LLM it by default gives advice on directions you can take things and a plethora of ideas to explore relating to the initial information given to it

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