How do we as consumers want to use AI?

I am a developer and have been working on a site to benefit people with ADHD. One thing I’m struggling to implement is a way for my users to actually benefit from AI integration.

Think of my site as a big diary. I want users to have the ability to speak in realtime, or chat with AI to aid in the creation of data entry.

The more I play with my ideas the more I find myself thinking… This would be quicker to just type in. Or use forms to fill out.

AI makes the userflow feel slow and cumbersome. On the other hand, I often don’t bother with copilot for code suggestions because in the time I sit there looking at a spinner I already have an idea of how to do what I want to do, and can generally type it in correctly. Copilot takes its time and often spits junk.

How would you like AI features implemented on sites that in your opinion wouldn’t feel like just an alternative or gimmick?


Have you thought of an agent that is more chat interactive more than instruction? For a “big diary” I would use TTS/STT to interact with the user and have a discussion, ask clarifying questions, adjacent topics, etc. Then have a summary agent create the “diary” entry.

Alot of gen AI approaches now are a “hammer looking for a nail.” There is an incredible potential but we tend to try and solve everything with AI. The model creators/scientist are looking for the elegant solution (AGI, etc) but engineers should look at what works, what is fast, what is accurate, what IS FAMILIAR (we often forget that users typically don’t like big changes).

If I had a popular product, the first thing I would use gen AI for is “help.” If your users have to google it, you are losing. The next step would be to skip help and just do what the user is asking. Then UI or predictive actions.

If I was trying to make a popular or helpful product with AI as the core offering, I would find a user frustration that can be met with AI and do that.