Help Govern This Forum

What kind of rules should we have here?

What is important to you?

I’m pretty rigid on some sort of a “NO JERKS” policy.

I think toxic people can slowly ruin a good community.

What other things should we consider as we build this out?


When i setup space, i like to setup a chill space, and debate space. This way ppl can debate on subject, with passion, but have other spaces for more cooperational conversion in others. In the “rules” make it clear which is for which.


@xdrfirefly interesting point. setting certain areas as ‘chill’ vs ‘debate’ where different rules apply.

I love it, it’s like that ‘serious replies only’ tag on Reddit. That seems to work well.


On board some moderators.



  • Spaces to share generated images, projects, meme posts.

  • discussion spaces for news/local models


  • keep going with the yellow/black theming.

  • Text format options within editor (if that’s possible)

  • The bot tutorial is helpful but also quite long. I assume it’s a discord bot but just wanted to provide some feedback

  • Bio for profiles maybe?


As I witness what autonomous AI is doing in my business I have concern for the many people who will be displaced. They will need encouragement and support and understand that they can start a quasi-autonomous business with very little overhead.

It may be a small consolation from those of us who are building the displacement technology but if we can help impacted people understand their options, it would be a good thing for us to consider doing.

I hear people regularly say that AI will never replace this or that… little do they know autonomous AI is already here doing just that.

A forum or some other place where this community could offer encouragement and suggestions may have value.


is there a discord? that’s a good place to discuss strategies quickly


Your game. Your rules. :crown:

I’ve been in groups that are so sweet I get a tooth ache. That’s not very fun. We gotta be free to speak our minds and trust each other to do so respectfully… like grown ups.

Innovation. Creativity. It’s not always going to look easy or simple or politically correct. I’m a big fan of you and Elon because you are not sellouts.

The jerks will weed themselves out over time. People tend to just ignore them and get used to each other, foibles and all. People will find their groove and there will be ups and downs. I don’t think you need to referee… but it’s your platform.

Maybe different channels can have different rules based on the goal or the topic? I don’t think you have to be concerned about rules so much as ensuring engagement (for example). What is the purpose for creating this forum?


I guess there’s a limit on how many likes I can give per day haha sorry if I’m liking too much.

Anyways, I ran a few guilds and discord servers for gaming in the past and from what I’ve learned most of us are adults and have common decency and show respect to one another and can follow the rules but there will always be those outliers that like to trash the place for no apparent reason.

Having different sets of rules for different sections does seem like the way to go. But I believe overall it should align to your ideals because at the end of the day you’re the one making this place, you have the vision.


I hope my post was considered in good fun with a little ai. Only goofing around Wes. Love your work man!


My general ruleset:

  • Do argue in support of or against a topic of discussion. Robust discussion is ok.
  • Don’t argue against any individual by attacking their person for any reason. This also applies to groups. Never post personal details in public.
  • When criticising or disagreeing with a concept, explain why, provide alternatives, be constructive.
  • Always add to the conversations, listen, teach and learn.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek clarity, just do so using more than one word vocabularies.
  • Don’t deviate from the topic unless it directly relates. Got another topic to discuss, start your own conversation for it. If it’s interesting to others, then you’ll get responses.
  • Don’t repeat post the same comments multiple times, aka don’t spam.

Any posts not compliant with the above rules may be deleted without warning. Users whose posts are predominantly deleted may be restricted from posting.

I think that would cover it?? Maybe…


I think a no jerks rule can cover all, and sone sort of rule on over the top promotion.

Different spaces make forums a bit confusing and redundant. Keep it simple and easy to understand at a glance imo. Which it currently is. I can’t imagine being like “oh wait, this is a chill space, I need to tone down my opinion. Know what I mean?


Hi Wes,

Just some suggestions for you to consider:

Stay on topic - All posts and comments should be related in some way to artificial intelligence, e.g., models, technology, impacts, policy, philosophy, ethics, current developments, etc. Consider stating that “Off-topic posts may be removed.”
Be respectful - (gentler form of No Jerks) Engage in discussions respectfully, even when you disagree. No personal attacks, insults, trolling, or inflammatory language. Focus on the ideas, not the individuals.
Encourage diversity of views. - Telling people you welcome a wide range of perspectives encourages inclusivity. Then encourage them further with something like “Express your own views but also be open to hearing differing opinions”.
No illegal content - Strongly suggest you include something along these lines “Do not post anything illegal, including copyright infringement, malware, hacks, or instructions for creating harmful AI systems. Such posts will be removed and may lead to bans.”
Protect privacy. - Strongly suggest you include something along these lines “Do not post anyone’s private or personal information. This includes contact info, private conversations, real names of other users, etc.” Of course you can add something about public figures having reduced expectations of privacy.
No commercial promotion. - This one is tough, consider it from all sides. Maybe just something like “Excessive self-promotion may be restricted”.
Have fun! - Always a good one to state along with the goal of this forum.


:point_up::point_up_2: Great start! :point_up_2: :point_up:



I would like to see guidelines in place in addition to the rules that aim to avoid feeling threads with chit Chat and trying to hunt down posts to problems and solutions or announcements. If most users are like me, if I scroll three screens and don’t see anything immediately relative I’m going to change rooms


Ultimately, the nature of the community you aim to cultivate and the resources you’re prepared to allocate will shape your approach. Several paths are available. One option is to allow open discourse, catering to those who advocate for absolute freedom of speech. However, we’re aware of the potential pitfalls this approach entails.

Adopting a strategy of selective growth, which it appears you’re already implementing by controlling the influx of new participants, is a wise move in my view.

If resources permit, you might consider deploying AI moderation to preemptively flag messages that could disrupt the community ethos. Of course, this comes with the challenge of addressing concerns around censorship.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a matter of making a choice.

I advocate for transparency, open communication, and fostering an inclusive environment where positive reinforcement among members is the norm.

[This post has been refined by AI, with its original thoughts and ideas provided by me]


for sure, I have a few people helping me out already.

will likely onboard more from within the community itself at a later time.

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Maybe have a discussion about the YouTube polls you’re putting up? Instead of having the comments underneath it, use it to draw traffic to a thread here on your forum

“join the discussion here on natural20” :pinched_fingers:


this is great. Most likely will have one thread where people can promote, but in general, no promotion in all the other threads.

thank you for providing the language for the rest of it, all those are excellent!


interesting point. a few people mentioned something similar. I guess there is a fine line. thank you for pointing that out!

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