GPT Pilot Pythagoras

I paid for the starter GPT pilot to test it out. It has been pretty fun, it has built a website, I can run on my desktop. I am a beginner, I have gotten stuck at a point in the project and am unable to continue. Though if I keep troubleshooting, I hope I can finish my project.

My project is something way out of my league.

What are you working on guys?

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Thanks for posting!

I also find myself taking projects that are way out of my league with AI, however it seems that things are rapidly getting easier and faster.

I’ll post more once we get the first wave of people into the forums. I have a few ideas that might be useful for people here.

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I built a website last year for doing RAG on documents, and currently I am playing around with Stable Diffusion, trying to see if it can be leveraged for business use cases…

Hi Wes and all,
I enjoy your talks on YouTube and saw the forum invite. On the topic of GPT-Pilot, I had a chance to try it out this weekend. I really like where coding assistants are headed. It’s inspiring. I did want to share a useful a neat finding that maybe others might want to try as well. I found that the Sydney QT github project, which uses your Microsoft CoPilot cookies, can act as a decent free GPT-4 inference provider using its webapi. I didn’t finish the project that I was working on, but Sydney QT with CoPilot’s GPT-4 didn’t cause any errors as far as I was able to take the project. I viewed a news article that Microsoft is or will offer GPT-4 turbo in the free tier of CoPilot, and probably will follow suit for GPT-5…if anyone is looking to try out GPT-Pilot with GPT-4 endpoints but don’t want to pay OpenAI API prices, it’s worth checking out the Sydney QT project.

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