Google Home and Chat GPT

I feel that my Google home is now bordering on unusable. It barely understands anything. As a so called smart speaker, it is brainless. I am not the only one who is experiencing this as I see droves of people on Reddit who are suffering from the inane nature of their GH.

Wholesale replacement of the OS on the GH for a chat gpt interface would be brilliant, but I haven’t seen this done yet. Is anyone else into this idea?

GPT can’t replace an OS, it can only offer replies through an API.
Something still has to receive your input and forward it, until OpenAI or any third party provides such a service. Take the App for example, it includes whisper and an underlying App to then enable an exchange through the API.

But I’d be carefully considering who you’ll invite to your home. Because whatever it will be, it has internet access, potentially not only forwarding your requests to GPT but also an unknown party, especially if it’s not open source.

That cuts off at the most important part of the video; The Explanation.

Funny enough, I can’t seem to find the original video of this “Justin Alvey” that did not jailbrake anything but replace the entire circuitboard, from what I can see. Can you provide the explanation of what he actually did? What LLM is he using? How is it getting access to his apps?

Surely it’s possible to achieve such a thing, but I’m sensing fake here, to be frank. Glad to be proven wrong though!

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Is it better to just have an Android tablet in the kitchen instead and load the Open AI app? I just hate seeing all the Google Homes be wasted and basically become junk, but such is life.