Could we make a everything app?

I believe the future of apps could be AI systems that create any feature that the user wants on the fly.

For an example you may want your everything app to be a Qr code generator one minute but then you prompt it to become a mp3 player or whatever the user wishes it to be. Like a metamorphosing application.

Would something like an improved Devin be able to be intregrated into such a application, what are the challenges involved?

Is there anyone working on such an app?

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I envision a future where we move away from traditional app-based interactions with our phones to a more seamless, voice-command-driven experience. These devices would likely be connected to the internet at all times to make up for their limited onboard processing capabilities.

However, I also foresee the retention of smaller, task-specific AIs for offline use. These could handle simple tasks like illuminating a path in a dark alley, making calls, jotting down notes, or providing basic information, similar to what some offline assistants can do today.

The exciting part is the potential for AIs to evolve and improve themselves. This isn’t just theoretical; I’ve experimented with this concept by linking Rasa to a cron job. This setup continuously prompted GPT-4/Codex to refine and develop a script based on content from a text file. Through this process, the AI was able to autonomously generate various versions of the script, each iteration refining the script and prompt, leading to significantly different outcomes. While it sometimes veered off course, this experiment demonstrates the potential for self-improving AI. However, it’s worth noting that, with today’s technology, such advancements would require substantial computing resources.

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I am working on this