Can we have AI alignment if we can't even find alignment of local resources?

About six years ago, inspired by Ben Goertzel and Elon Musk, I decided to make my life work follow a couple of rules. For one, I would focus on solving a problem instead of focusing on earning money. The second, was to do what I love. So, leaning on first principals I decided to solve the problem that society is facing with the rise in community members that are most likely to harm themselves or others in the community, that is community members that are struggling with poly-substance use disorder and co occurring mental health disorders while fragily housed or unhoused. I would bring my love for technology and counseling to this problem. Three years ago I founded State of the Heart Recovery, a non profit substance use disorders and mental heath treatment center. You can think of State of the Heart Recovery as a laboratory for innovation through integrating state-of-the-art technology with healing, empowerment, and sobriety. We are focused on bringing the resource alignment problem to our local community. What consequence or reward should be given, to who should it be given, how much should be given, when should it be given, etc. So it took a few years to survive and now we are poised to bring the technoloyg to the model that we are doing without the tech support. With hundreds of customers showing up each and every day and with about 60 staff, we are ready to launch a data technology tool that can be beta tested so that we can truly disrupt and revolutionize the substance use disorders treatment, mental health treatment, incarceration, and housing industrial complex. If any one here has an interest in these social issues, please let me know. Thanks.


I’m in healthcare and definitely have an interest in those issues - how much has online betting been popping up with your customers?

I’ve been studying preventive care models (like the one you created!). Love to see it.

most my customers are homeless, so they are not spending much time on tech at all. We are about to begin an art class that uses ai so we can start onboarding them to thechnoloy through the art. Maybe creating videos through text, etc. What kind of work do you do in healthcare?

I’m exploring more models to make healthcare democratized at 0-cost, focusing on preventive medicine.

Things like full body scanning at low cost, screenings with smartphone widgets or by analyzing your speech, gene-sequencing (which you can get paid for) to detect issues, etc.

Also things like bringing XR to minimally invasive surgical procedures.


Wow. Such powerful ideas.

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