AI will accelerate the loneliness epidemic

Imagine a world where people are watching their own custom made shows built by AI. They are hundreds of episodes in. They would normally just go to their friends and discuss that insane episode of Friends set in 1865. But their friends are all watching their own version of friends. The only thing that could possibly understand their own show is the machine that made it. Further isolating the watcher to only communicate with the machine. This is just one example but how do you imagine the impacts on social health in a world of proliferated genai?

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I think that many of us will gravitate towards curated content. There will be DJs of content to guide us to the same good stuff. There will be Top 10 Shared _____ We will continue to want to have shared experiences.

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Currently humans are economically valued for their intelligence and labour. AI will make the former redundant, robots the latter.

When we have AI that is:

100x funnier than your friends
100x more insightful than your teachers
100x more compassionate than your parents
100x more productive than your co-workers

These skills will lose their value, and we’ll gain nothing but time on our hands.

Everyone may start to appreciate what truly makes us human, and we could see a great renaissance of intimacy, bonding, and love.

Or we’ll just all be jacked into VR 24/7 with our own personal version of heaven.

Either sounds good :man_shrugging:t2:

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We all remember the matrix movies? People will finally be able to either live their lives in their own VR world or they can use that same VR world to train their skills for real world interactions.

I think AI won’t create a loneliness epidemic, but instead will create a more individualized society where everyone will have their own specific opinions due to confirmation bias assisted by technology. We’ve already seen this happening with social media where many people can latch on to a cause and find those hive minded communities.

This can go in the opposite direction if AI teaches people that looking at all sides of an argument is important but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Picture this: you and your friends are cozied up on the couch, laughing and munching on popcorn, while a robot whips up dinner in the background. Post-meal, you all dive into an ever-evolving AI-driven MMORPG, donning your VR gear for thrilling adventures. This is how you love spending time together, followed by logging out to chat and unwind. Imagine a life with no work tomorrow, or any day for that matter, allowing you to indulge in this joy daily.

You suggest we might stop interacting face-to-face, but is there a concrete reason for this concern, or is it merely a fear?

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