Ai well trained to be bad

I follow a vlogger who did spoke about an AI that is trained to generate hateful, misleading, and controversial content about “democracy”.

I guess it is a good place to discuss what we should do?
If we cannot prevent it, how can we protect ourselves?
If we cannot control it, can we intervene with the bad trainer?
What should we do with corrupted AI?


I think the problem should be approached in the same way that computer viruses are. Because that’s exactly what these are, viruses, but they’re created to infect human minds, not computer systems. So what’s the antivirus for viral misinformation? Accurate information that is propagated and widely disseminated many orders of magnitude more than the viral lies.


Another example, it is more weird when it happen to normal people i think… because we can always think yeah Obama would never say those things…