AGI. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

It’s interesting how it’s not possible to talk about the birth of a new sentient species, without talking about corporations, money, and wealth.

That says something about us (homo sapiens), I think.

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What does it say?

Money is a way of representing and transferring value. Value is what we are motivated (typically by Darwinian forces) to attempt to acquire. Wealth represents someone’s degree of success at this. Corporations are a mechanism for us to collectively organize to do this more efficiently than working individually.

This “new species” requires a lot of effort to bring it into existence. So, we need to tap into various mechanisms to collectively achieve this, or it simply won’t happen.

Anyway, not sure where I’m going here. I hear your cynicism coming through loud and clear, but trying to see if there is more substance to it.

Do you have an idea for another way any of this could be achieved that doesn’t have anything to do with money or wealth or corporations?

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Are you suggesting to question the relevance of context?

Things need to have their requirements to grow. Can’t plant a tree in the ocean. Can’t admire cars without the need for someone to have built them, developed them.

Can’t create a conscious being without having the resources to do so.

First thing the guy with a tree and a boat will ask for is earth, because it’s required. First thing someone willing to create such an advanced AI will ask for is a company to back it (or an individual with sufficient funds)

Of course this becomes less and less relevant the more we get there. Nobody’s going to ask for earth when they plant a tree in a forest. It’s already there. They can just AFFORD to plant another one.

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Cynicism? I think you should go back and read my post again. But never mind, I’ll explain it to you:

What that means is that I think there’s a lot more to the story of humanity creating a new sentient species than corporations, money and wealth. What it doesn’t mean is that I think it would happen without the resources provided by those.

Hope that clears it up for you.

I think, i would like this to be developed and study by scientist and or army before it fall into every body hands.
With out every body hands those giant step forward would not have have happen.

OK well I was just trying to figure out what you’re saying it says about humanity. I think we can talk about all this stuff without talking about money and wealth anyways, but the corporations are the ones that are putting together the largest language models and right now to me that’s the most interesting stuff.

Claude is my favorite but openAI is doing amazing stuff too. I’m glad they managed to get the resources to scale it to see the emergent stuff whether you call it sentient or not it’s really interesting…

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